I was given the opportunity to score the series and a trailer for the Wilanow Palace – virtual museum. This is a short introduction to the series presenting such a beautiful monument. The series are scheduled for release at the end of 2009. Production: CVK Studio, Poznań.

During quite busy summer period I have completed a soundtrack for the corporate/ fiction movie for Allegro.pl group – a polish version of e-Bay. Because of its nature, the film fulfills the ‘corporate’ brief at the beginning, the real action starts around 9,30. (dir. Przemysław Chojnacki)

SGA2009 – Prezentacja Główna from Allegro-SGA on Vimeo.

Recently I created a music for Audi A5 Convertible commercial. The music is my original creation and the film edits were created by a post production facility in Poland.


Short film directed by a New York based director Derek Morse. A story of a young boy and his life in a dysfunctional family. We catch a glimpse of his personality as he tries to get out of this strange situation.

This video is the opening of the movie. The music is quite minimal and subdued, and that kind of approach suited the film.





Below you can find some examples of Bartosz’s music and sound design for films and ads. Some of them had the original music removed and are for demonstration purpose ONLY.






MC Media Player courtesy of http://www.mcmediaplayer.com

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