Pushing the boundaries of today’s instrumental jazz, new age and film music. An organic-sounding electro-acoustic album featuring piano, water and birds! A cinematic journey through the night, into the the sounds of breath, sea, light and inner self.

The artist behind this project is Bartosz Klimaszewski – composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist, whose works have been presented in many international radios, podcasts and festivals.

Listeners’ thoughts on the album:

  • “The album can’t be classified by any standards. With Soft Verges we receive a combination of ambient music and instrumental jazz, which harmonizes beautifully with sounds of nature and rhythmic, pulsating percussion; sometimes electronic, sometimes so natural and obvious like water. An outstanding piece of work.”
  • “The most exhilarating album ever!”
  • Soft Verges‘ ephemeral sounds can be quite an amazing background for my thoughts. The album tells a story with notes, the story of every one of us; our thought and dreams, which appear in every sound of this great CD.”
  • “I immediately immersed in this music and it felt, like I’m swimming in a beautiful ocean. The first half of the album feels like nice floating and blue… then the waves become bigger and it’s not so nice anymore. The end brings the freshness of the air, though the boat still swings… and takes you under the water. That’s my imagination. I wish that the whole world could hear this wonder. A beautifully composed masterpiece.”
  • “The CD is very exciting, smooth and chilled out, relaxing and full of new power for the imagination. Thank you Bartosz.”

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